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Cruiseboat's self titled album and EP can be listed to or downloaded free on Bandcamp!

Well, sorry guys but the boat don't exist as such at the moment
David (Cruiseboat guitarist) went on to form The Red Connection with Rob from S:Bahn. Then Cartwheel , which changed it's name to Like Chandeliers, then The Hubble Telescope. Now he calls himself No-Way Sweden
James (Cruiseboat drummer) went on to play in Tenfold and The Doppler Effect. Then he played with Fezz (Cruiseboat guitarist) and members of Fledgling in a math-rock band called Tetris Nightmare!. Now Fezz can be found in The Tiger and Me and Goodbye Enemy Airship.
Craig (Cruiseboat bass player) formed a lo-fi band called Scientific Research in Japan that continued in Australia for a while. Then he started a band in Japan called Walkie Talkie In The Cornfield. Now he's a member of Abikyokan.

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